Why Virtual Reality Gambling Still Fails

Currently, VR casino is hailed as the new way to in digital gambling. However, we view little influence around it. We will discuss the six biggest reasons that VR online casino gambling will not yet go big.

Not Many Gambling Sites Provide A Virtual Reality Gambling Experience

Around 2012, there was a demand for VR casinos. However, little happened even then. It was in 2015 that the biggest milestone was recorded, and that was when SlotsMillions set up its flagship VR casino experience. Unfortunately, it still exists as the lone paradigm for VR gambling five years later. There was also a flagship VR casino experience to go with it. Nevertheless, it is only a beta early access stage. The is fact that only a little exploration has been done on the entire VR casino front.

Virtual Reality Is Not Yet Popular

The number one challenge with marketing VR is the hardware gating. There is not much consumer interest due to two related reasons. The first one is that VR companies tend to aim for only the gaming community. Currently, gaming is more common, and as a demographic, not too particular. However, it leaves a large number of people that would have been interested. VR has more functionality than gaming. The number two reason is that VR does not interest gamers. Video game graphics are becoming more photoreal with each new console generation. Also, PC hardware is becoming more powerful within decades since VR came into being.

VR Presents A New Thing to The Table

The simulation of reality is based on several visual aspects. With the existing rate, the gaming population still consider VR to have a lot of issues.

A Low Number of Games

Because of these cited reasons and more, VR casino games are not flourishing presently. Only a very few numbers of companies invest in developing VR experiences, and the best we have apart from Half-Life: Alyx is VR ports of popular games.

VR Headsets Are Not Currently Trending

Virtual reality initially began in the '60s as an idea with Senosrama. During the 80s, they were at their most heightened craze. That was why you saw them as the main theme in movies such as Matrix, cyberpunk novels at that time. Nevertheless, the version has turned into an object of the past. Recently, VR has become more like Google Glass. It began as a striking piece of technology and in the end, was canned and neglected.

There are some of the big reasons, and there are other bigger factors. Luckily, VR has developed in a way that defies a lot of the common complaints. This offers us hope that with time, VR live casino gambling will become as big as handheld gaming, if not bigger.



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