How to Play Ezugi Live Jackpot Roulette Online

Despite being acquired by Evolution Gaming, Ezugi's Live casino's quality over the years has been consistent and topnotch. The company unveiled its newest roulette in the summer of last year while boosting it with a progressive jackpot. Ezugi's Jackpot Roulette was born from a partnership between the firm and Blue Ribbon Interactive, a company with vast experience in delivering advance jackpot-based gaming.

One of Ezugi's core philosophy is to provide its customers with customized services. The Ezugi live jackpot roulette was developed in line with these ideals. The progressive jackpot in the Ezugi love jackpot roulette is quite flexible. The operators of the progressive jackpot can present it as a prize or event-driven or a time-driven (i.e., monthly, weekly or hourly) jackpot.

While the possibility of scoring a jackpot brings huge excitement, there are a lot of other interesting things in the Ezugi live jackpot roulette. The game used a typical European table, while the entire wheel has only a single zero pocket. This is why the game's players are usually familiar with the game's setup even when they haven't played that particular one before. Ezugi live jackpot roulette features a sleek and high-quality interface, making the gaming experience in Ezugi roulette very appealing.

How to Play Ezugi Live Jackpot Roulette

In order to play the game, you'll need to visit any of several Ezugi-powered online casino platforms to load the game. Sometimes, it could be offered with the brand name “Clubhouse Roulette.” As long as it has the jackpot symbol, you are playing the right game. You'll be guided into a studio room where you'll find a dealer sitting just beside the roulette's wheel.

You won't find a traditional betting table because a virtual equivalent usually replaces it. The betting table is offered over a high-quality video stream and is usually positioned at the bottom of the screen. Players have just 15 seconds to place their bets by placing their selected chips on the provided betting fields. There is a reset button that can speed things up whenever you are sure you won't be placing your bets quite often.

The game features two prominent camera views. One view focuses on the wheel and the croupier, while the other view shows the activity above the wheel. This helps you get a good view of the ball when it is landing in the pockets. Small portions of every bet you place will contribute towards the jackpot. Depending on the particular casino you're playing at, those contributions may be paid when a specific number hits or just at random.


Ezugi live jackpot roulette offers the standard set of bets. These includes:

  • Red/Black
  • Even/Odd
  • Line bets at 5:1 odds
  • Corner bets at 8:1 odds
  • Street bets at 11:1
  • Split bets at 17:1 odds
  • Column/Dozen at an odd of 2:1
  • Straight up bets at 35:1 odds
  •  Numbers 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 that pay money.

Why You Should Play

  • The game features high quality and improved UI with two camera angles.
  • Features a detailed game history. Stats are also available, including stats for Hot/Cold numbers and recent winners.
  • Offers potential to win a progressive jackpot in addition to standard payouts
  • Croupiers in the game speak fluent English and provide an outstanding gaming ambiance.
  • The game is powered by HTML5 technology and can be accessed in landscape or portrait mode on mobile devices.


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