Why are Casino Card Tables Green?

Casinos are something that have become wildly popular in the last few decades. Everyone all around the world likes getting involved with card games and betting, not even because of the fact that they could win money but simply because it is something that is fun to do and they doing enjoy it. The money is a bonus they are not mad about, though.

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Casinos are placed all throughout big cities where they are legally allowed to be, but all casinos are almost the same and in order to stand out from the rest they have to change the way their exterior looks so that you'll choose one over the others. One thing that doesn't change when it comes to the casino aesthetic that everyone knows, the color of the card tables. Every casino card table will be green. This is something you will find anywhere you go. But why do they choose green over any other color available?

If your goal is to stand out from the crowd, why would you choose the same color for the interior that every other casino around is using?

Well, for starters, everything you see in a casino is put there for a reason. People who own and run casinos are aware of certain things that will catch people's eye and this will make them stay longer and spend more time in the building. Think about how when you go to the store, they are always playing the music that is meant to make you stay longer and distract you from what you came to buy. Casinos operate in the same way.

This isn't saying that people are being tricked into staying at the casino longer than they should be, but it is something in the brain that makes you feel more comfortable and instinctively you will not want to go home as soon as you had originally planned. This, along with having fun playing the games that casinos offer, will distract you and soon enough hours have flown by without you noticing.

Casinos choose the color green to accomplish this goal because green represents calmness and relaxation. If you have green tables, your brain will naturally be calmer and more relaxed than it would be if the tables were red. This is also to help avoid the breakout of fights. Red naturally brings out anger in people and if you lost a bet and the tables were red instead of green there would be more fights than there would be the other way around.



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