Top Casino Playing Countries in the World

Online casinos are one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Every day millions of people log on to online platforms to play online slots, have a poker tournament, or place sport bets live.

The global gaming industry in 2019 turned over almost 500€ billion, but of course, there are countries where more gambling is done and others where less is done. According to recent research, it is the Australians who hold the record worldwide. But there are also countries in Europe, Asia, and America where the volume of gambling stands out.

The list of the top 10 gambling countries is based on average per capita expenditure. The list does not consider the difference between virtual games, such as online casinos, and land-based games, such as bar slot machines found in commercial establishments.

#1 Australia

However, the palm for the most gambling nation in the world goes to Australia. Slot machines, casinos, betting, and lotteries are the games Australians spend the most money on. In the land of kangaroos, winnings are tax-free, which probably contributes to an expenditure of €1,200 per person per year.

#2 Singapore

Although there are several restrictions, gambling is gaining momentum in Singapore. Here, just to get into the casino, you need to have a huge wallet. It is no coincidence that the average per capita spending is €1,100 per year.

#3 Ireland

Although Ireland only opened its doors to online casinos a few years ago, their popularity is steadily growing here. The Irish, however, have something of a fetish for dog racing, which creates a thriving gambling market. This is one of the reasons why people in Ireland spend about €600 a year on betting.

#4 Canada

Canada is a country where gambling is widespread, so much so that around 3 out of 4 Canadians gamble, play the lottery, casino, or online poker at least once a year. Every year €570 per capita are spent in the green North American country.

#5 Finland

The second northern European country on this list. In Finland, gambling is regulated by the government, and Finns spend about €560 a year per person. According to government data, those over 65 years of age gamble the most.

#6 Italy

Poker, online casinos, eSports betting, but also instant-win games such as scratch cards. In Italy, where there are three world-famous casinos, people play a bit of everything and spend an average of €517 per person during the 12 months of the year.

#7 Hong Kong

The paradox of Hong Kong is that gambling is almost completely banned in this nation. There is only one company that can operate, accepting bets, and running lotteries. However, this is enough to make Hong Kong a country where people spend about €500 a year each to gamble.

#8 Norway

In Norway, the policy is quite strict regarding gambling, as only two operators can offer real-money games. However, this does not stop Norwegians from spending an average of €448 per person, mainly on gambling and online casinos.

#9 Greece

Greeks do not despise online casinos and poker games, although national lotteries are the most popular. The next one on the list is tiny: €420 per year in terms of average annual per capita spending.

#10 Spain

Although online gambling is legal in Spain, neither online casinos nor online slots are the first choices of Iberians. Sports betting is prevalent, as in many other countries where sports, especially football, are prevalent. In Spain, an average of €418 is wagered per person over a year.



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