Top Richest Poker Players at the Moment

Everyone knows that the casino business is no joke.

When it comes to it, many people know that live casino games can be very rich; meaning that you can really become a millionaire in just one night.

Simply in the blink of an eye.

No matter how unreliable it seems, it’s true.

There are living legends that can really prove this.

The bigger part of them are still alive; both retired and still in really good shape.

Who are these rich poker players?

Let’s find out!

Dan Bilzerian – $200 million

Everyone knows Dan Bilzerian.

He is the King of Instagram, and a very popular poker player when we are at it. 

Even though he is just 32 years old, Dan Bilzerian has made history in the poker world by playing amongst the most popular poker legends ever.

Even though he is not very much loved by the majority of the poker celebrities, he’s just…rich.

You can’t deny that.

With a net worth of roughly $200 million, everyone talks and knows about him.

Even though this period, he doesn’t really stay focused on the casino world, you can’t deny that you would have his life if you could.

Even if it’s just for a day.

dan bilzerian

Phil Ivey – $100 million

This guy is a prodigy. I mean, just put his $100 million net worth aside and loom at his WSOP achievements; he’s almost unbeatable.

It’s no wonder that he is among the richest poker players.

Phil Ivey is a poker enthusiast since his early age, and maybe that’s why he is sp good at poker; with 10 WSOP bracelets, I’m sure he is proud of himself.

Unlike many others who just quit when the game won’t go as planned, Phil Ivey doesn’t just give up lie that.

At the age of 42, he is still in a great poker shape and still winning; we all expect to see his net worth rise in the following years. 

phil ivey

Chris Ferguson – $80 million

Chris Ferguson is the poker guy who just won’t let his biggest passion go after one loss.

Even though this man has been through his ups and downs when it comes to poker, he certainly hasn’t given up.

And, with a net worth of more than $80 million, you can probably predict that.

He’s a 58 years old poker legend who just won’t give up without a fight; very few can beat him at a poker round.

Even though he retired for a while, he came back and continued on being the champion that he is. 

The poker world is a big and strange place; both good and bad strange.

chris ferguson

Even though there are big losses of millions of dollars, some legends rise up from their ashes and show the world who is the boss.

Others just give up and never come back.

But now this; no matter what, the poker gave them a good time likewise.

It was good while it lasted for them.

And they don’t regret that.