Sic Bo 6 Tips That Fuel Better Odds

Fans of dice games are very familiar with Sic Bo. The live casino game originated back in China and has been played for a few centuries. It is one of the usual offerings found in most physical and online casinos. It is also one of many traditional games of chance to merit a live table offering online.

The gameplay for Sic Bo is simple. A player will wager the outcome of three dice rolled by a croupier. If the dice land in the player's favor, they receive a payout. The game board for Sic Bo is a little daunting at first, but its complexity provides players many options to wager on.

Players can be on the combination of the dice, on individual numbers, and on a range of values. Here are six winning tips that Sic Bo masters follow to make good money.


Play the Smart Bets

Sic Bo has a wealth of wagering options and each comes attached to its own house edge. The ones with a high house edge are pretty much impossible to win. The ones with reduced house edge offer higher odds.

The key to success is recognizing what the smart bets are, shying away from foolish bets. A smart bet is also a safe bet and allows players to play the long game. They can sit and stack up a bankroll. Foolish bets are akin to a player giving the casino permission to reach into their pocket for their wallet.


Play Singles

A single bet is a wager that a certain number will be rolled. The wager is smart to bet because the number only has to appear one die.

The player has three strikes to get a hit, which reduces the house edge. Additionally, single bets can bear a pretty substantial payout if the number appears on more than one die. So not only is it safe, it is profitable.


Play the Small and Big

A small bet ranges from 4 to 10 with a big bet ranging from 11 to 17. The wager is on a range of numbers, which increases the odds.

Much like betting on red or black is the safest wager of Roulette, small and big is the safest bet in Sic Bo. The wager bears a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong.


Avoid Triples

A triple bet is a wager on all three of the dice turning up the same number. It is a popular bet to wager as it contains a huge payout.

It is also the hardest to win, as the likelihood of rolling a triple is extremely low. A triple is not a bet one should regularly wager on. It is a good side bet, but using it as a primary bet is just a waste of money.


Do Not Get Overzealous with Side Bets

Some players get a little crazy with their side bets. Especially considering, online play allows unlimited side bets in other wager areas.

However, too much side betting is bad. Yes, the odds of winning will go up, but the payout will stop feeding the bankroll. Instead, a win will be accompanied by numerous losses.


Use Combinations

A combination bet is when a player wagers on more than one specific number. This is a great move as it increases the chances of winning and reduces house edge. Yes, the main drawback is that win or lose, the player will be out of money.

If only one number comes up, they will lose what they placed on the other number. Combinations do guarantee at least one win per seven rolls. They also promise a bigger payout if both wagered numbers pop up. They are definitely a smarter choice than betting a triple.

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