Roulette from Home vs at Casino and the psychology behind

Roulette is a game of chance and is considered the most exciting live casino game you can play, betting on red, black, or on a few given numbers of your choice. However, online roulette has become just as popular and exciting because you don’t have to go to a casino to get the thrill of winning.

Online roulette packs a certain psychological thrill as well. When one watches the ball go around and around, an endless of possibilities are going through one’s head. He could win it all when the ball stops spinning, or the opposite can happen, and he could lose it all when the ball stops spinning.


Most people compare roulette with the sophisticated lifestyle of one well-dressed man or woman standing over the table and without an emotion on their face bet all they have on black or red. Movie characters like James Bond portray an elegant class around the game of roulette. Whether or not people like James Bond or not, this might give people a reason to like roulette and compare themselves with someone of that nature. But online roulette gives people the chance to feel this way in their sweats at home or wherever they are where they have service on their phones, tablets, or laptops.

The game of roulette also is one of the easiest games to play at a casino. It doesn’t take much to learn considering the basis of the game is to watch the ball and bet on where you think it’ll land. Learning is easy but the uncomfortable feeling of playing a casino game for the first time live might be the reason online roulette is so popular. It gives you a chance to learn the game while also getting comfortable playing it.

Some people who love playing online roulette compared to playing roulette in the casino is that online roulette is based on odds through the computer. Roulette in the casino is based on how hard the dealer throws the ball, how fast the wheel is spinning, and physics in general. So, if you don’t like physics, or don’t know how it works, betting against the computer and playing the odds of the computer might be better for that kind of player.

Whether one is playing roulette in the casino or one is playing online roulette, the game is still the same. It is based on one’s desire and choice of what they want to bet on.