Quickspin Unleashes new Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special Online Slot

The Big Bad Wolf is a trendy character for the online casino slot game developed by the elite-developer Quickspin. The game was launched way back as early as 2013 and has continued to be enjoyed by its married crowd of enthusiasts.

This Christmas, Quickspin has decided to reinvent its popular character with a holiday theme in the spirit of the season. Lunching off today, Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special brings you an amazing winter wonderland package complete with the Big Bad Wolf himself!

Details of the Game

While updating the game to the latest release, the game developer has decided to retain most of the original character’s details. For your playing pleasure, it has added a ton of other features for your enjoyment. One instance of a new feature is when you see three bonus scatters displayed on the reels, it means you have earned ten extra spins, and you are in the Blowing Down House.

In this new round of adventure, watch out for the wolf as he attempts to catch the pigs and blow down their house. Accumulate moon symbols as you journey along the way to earn extra spins for yourself. Other earnings available to you is getting a 2x multiplier or the swooping reels function in the slot game. When the reel option is combined with The Wild feature, you will see game grounds repeating continuously.

In the Swooping reels feature, the reels combine with Pigs to Turn Wild, making all the winning rounds count hence the continuous spinning for a while that you notice. For every second of swoop spent, one of the Three Pigs turns Wild, and with six contiguous swoops, all Three Pigs will go Wild.

What The Release Graphic Designer Had To Say

Comments by the release graphic designer Sara Gollbo hinted that she and her team of designers had both fun and many challenges during the game re-design process, particularly in animating the characters and the new features of The Big Bad Wolf, as the process was different from what it was back in 2013.

“the most fun part for me was figuring out how to make the various parts of the game and its characters Christmassy” while still keeping the bulk of it consistent, she said. Working on and tinkering on The Three Pigs’ personalities was also great fun, she reported.

Joining Other New Games

The Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special is set to join the other new titles developed by Quickspin. One such new title is the Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades, which was announced in early November. Complete with ancient Greek theming, this slot promises a lot of fun gaming and features for you to relish. Like collecting three fixed jackpots, and a bonus buys feature on the reels.

Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades features Zeus and Hades battling for supremacy. If you trigger Zeus’ Lightning jackpots as you spin, just sit back and watch as money symbols recurrently display on the reels. These money symbols will show random prize values for the jackpots.



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