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Paypal at Online Casinos

PayPal is a service similar to E-wallets. It is the biggest one in the world and has about 100 million users. It allows customers to easily send and receive money from other users while not requiring any financial info. What is important is that it has very strict policies.
That is why only the most serious online casinos use PayPal for their gamblers to withdraw and deposit money. It is significant that over 20 various web casinos accept PayPal. This can lead to the thought that it is a very safe and properly managed money sending system.

Register a PayPal Account

It is very easy to sign-up by clicking the “sign up” button on the website. Next, the site requests identity information. It will also proceed to verify the customer's email. After these steps, the PayPal account will be ready to use, which will allow connecting credit cards and bank accounts as well. There will be one more step to do, which is to remove the money limits. That can be done in a few business days.

PayPal Casinos Canada

Depositing with PayPal

Online casinos let a customer make a deposit by PayPal within a few steps. Most important is to make sure the specific casino allows gamblers to add money by PayPal. After signing in, before moving into the bank or cashier of the current casino's, it is very important to use real money in play. The PayPal area should be below the Deposit area. It will allow filling in the money amount to add. The last part is it will take the user to PayPal account to finish the whole process. If there is not enough money in the PayPal wallet, it is allowed to use a credit card that has to be added before.

Withdrawals at PayPal

There is no easier thing than withdrawing the winning money to PayPal. To do this, the gambler has to only fill in their email address that is connected to PayPal account. It is possible that there will be a request from the casino to add identity document too.

After the user will get the money in their PayPal account, he or she will be able to spend them in any Casino associated with PayPal. Additionally, the amount of money can be sent to a bank account or by cheque.

Advantages of PayPal

PayPal has a very respected reputation as a payment processor besides a few other similar companies. All gamblers can be 100 per cent sure that his or her money has the highest importance factor by using PayPal, to add money to an online casino. There is no risk that someone will steal important information because the user will give them to the bank only one at a time.

Disadvantages of PayPal

There is no perfect payment processor, the same is with PayPal as it has some disadvantages. For example – it takes time to add a credit card or a bank account. Also going through the verification process, it can take a few business days.