Our Tips on How and Where to Bet on Tennis

Today we come to explain you the best about how and where to bet on tennis in Canada. We have both the best sports betting sites ready for you, as well as the perfect strategies to become a tennis betting ace in 2023!

The Importance of Tennis Betting

Although the British gambling culture still gives a higher visibility to football and boxing in any venue or website, tennis is one of the most underrated sports when it comes to betting and potential income. The more prolific a match is, the greater the range of prices that are generally available at bookmakers and, considering that there are tennis matches throughout most of the year, good profits can be made quickly if you play smart.

As far as tennis is concerned, the period between May and September is particularly busy and, unlike soccer, tennis has a wider range of markets to choose from. The following section lists some of the most popular ones found in tennis betting.

Types of Markets

It is important to identify the most lucrative market and it is always advisable to carefully read a tennis expert's preview before placing a bet or a combination. Bookmakers usually offer the basic tennis markets shown below:

  • 1X2: The Winner of the Match
  • Over/Under: In tennis, this market can refer to whether a match will last more or less than a certain number of sets. For example, if a tennis player wins a best-of-three sets match without losing any sets (2-0), the under 2.5 sets bet would be a winner.
  • Handicap: Same as 1X2, but now the player in question must win by a margin of two sets or more, depending on the handicap assigned to him. The odds for each player are higher, so this market is interesting when the players are evenly matched, and both are likely to win a set.
  • Correct Score: As a general rule, the more sets that appear in a correct score, the higher the odds. For example, betting on a player to win a best-of-five sets match 3-2 usually offers a much higher price than 3-0 (straight sets). However, the price difference between a win with straight sets and one without straight sets is less drastic when the players are even.
  • Final Winner: It does not appear in the unusual matches; it is the price per player for the winner of the tournament.

Players to Bet on

Normally, in tournaments where the ‘seeded' system is used, players who compete as seeded players are considered more likely to advance. This pattern has greater significance in the four ‘Grand Slam' tournaments. In chronological order, they are:

  • Australian Open (hard court)
  • French Open (clay)
  • Wimbledon (grass)
  • U.S. Open (hard court)

The ranking system used by the ATP and WTA is based on the results of the ranked players over a 12-month period. Under normal conditions, the ranking is a strong reference, but there are extenuating circumstances such as injuries or sanctions that cause a top-ranked player to plummet. Unless the relevant authorities grant the player in question a license to maintain his or her ranking. Inquiring into a player's strengths and weaknesses, along with his recent results, are the two most important elements for a bettor to consider in order to get right.

Some players are particularly good on certain surfaces. Rafael Nadal, for example, is the ‘King of Clay' (and rightly so). This year he won the French Open for the tenth time in thirteen years. For his part, Andy Murray, twice Wimbledon champion, has been the rival to beat on grass and there are many who think he could have won his third title this year if he had not had problems with injuries.

The ITF Challenger tournaments are also a fertile field for bettors, as the seasons feature more than 500 tournaments around the world in both men's and women's categories.



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