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Vera John Live Dealer Review

Vera and John Casino is a classy and fun place to play where people can sit down and relax while they play traditional casino games. The site has a lovely background that makes people feel as though they have been invited to a private casino on the coast, and they can play for hours if they want. There are even live games that are fun for people to try.

Live Gaming At Vera And John

Live games at Vera and John includes dreamcatcher, blackjack, and roulette. They have built up a large following for their live games, and they have created rooms that are easy for people to access every night. The players will deeply enjoy being in these rooms because they get to know the dealers while also getting to know the people that are a part of the V&J community.

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Mobile Play At Vera And John

Mobile play on the site happens through their mobile browser, but it has been optimized so that the player will never need to worry about how the site will look. The site is a very easy place for people to play, and it provides the player with the same options that they would have gotten on a desktop.

Bonuses At Vera And John

Bonuses on the site include their 20 free spins that are given just for signing up. The player can try out some new slot machines using these bonuses, and they will find that they can extra bonus cash if they check the site every day. There are new bonuses sent out for every one of the major holidays, and players will get seasonal bonuses that make it cheaper to shop there.

Banking At Vera And John

Banking on the site is all secured by the server that the site uses to process information. Players who are depositing on the site can easily add money with any credit card or bank account. These very same players could add money to the site if they want to continue playing a certain game, or they could withdraw their money when they have won big in their most recent game.

Banking not he site requires that the player use all their bonus money before they can make withdrawals on that money. All money won using a free spin can be withdrawn at any time, and the bonuses are not tracked for the player. Keep track fo the money so that there is no confusion.

Customer Support

Customer support for the site has been set up for people to make choices that would help them get quick answers. They can call the casino through their phone number if they are local to the New Zealand office, and they can use the email page at the bottom of the site to get a message to the staff. These are simple ways to ask questions, but the players will prefer to use the live chat window.

The live chat window was designed for people to use when they are playing on the site, and the casino will allow all players who are active on the site to ask a question while they have a game going on. The player gets a fast answer, and they can get back to the game they were playing.

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