New Game – Golden Chip Roulette by Yggdrasil

There has recently been a new online version of the classic table game, Golden Chip Roulette released with a game-changing twist. This twist promises to keep the players on their toes with a unique experience. This Golden Chip Roulette comes with some thrilling and innovative features like random multipliers, pinch- to- zoom, and even a never before seen Golden Chip feature on the action-packed tables. The main goal of the company that has released this game is to give the online players the best experience possible. They are wanting to not only recreate the feeling and the experience of sitting at the casino table but to enhance it and make it 10X better.


All of the chips that are placed as Straight Bets turn gold while the inner wheel generates the random multiplier. The random multiplier can range from X10 all the way up to a whopping X500. That puts it at X36 higher than the standard roulette. In order to give players an even more thrilling experience, the speed of the spin has been designed to mimic the action of the real-life casino floor perfectly all while also making the huge wins and near misses that much more exciting. All of this along with being set up with a very luxurious backdrop and with smooth jazz music playing, this game is perfect for any refined player that likes to keep things a little on the classy side.

Golden Chip Roulette, just like many other live casino games, is sponsored by some big corporate company. This makes it possible for the operators to give the host of the game exactly what they need to do things like the prize drops, missions, and even tournaments to help entice the players even further. People like Johan John have even said that it is the first roulette game that he feels he can be proud to play. While it is providing a comfortable and familiar space for betting for all of the players, Golden Chip Roulette is cram-packed full of brand new features that are mainly focused on bringing a new and enhanced experience to all players on any device. This is what they think will actually keep the players engages and significantly increase both the retention rates and acquisition for the operators.

With all of these new bells and whistles, it is a no brainer that this is the new “best online roulette game” that the industry has to offer. It is believed that this game has everything that a player could possibly ask for. From the flashy backdrop with nice music to the irresistible random multipliers.