What is Live Texas Hold ‘Em?

Texas Hold'em is a rendition of the classic game of poker whereby two cards- the hole cards- are given/ dealt to each player (face down of course) and then five “community” cards are dealt face up.

Essentially, the goal is to create the best 5-card poker hand.

This means you are able to use both the cards dealt to you cards and the community cards.

The game has evolved and no longer requires you to physically hold your cards or look at your opponent. Live Texas Hold ‘Em is an online version of the game you know and love.

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Basic Rules of Texas Hold'em

As mentioned, you are given two cards face down, meaning you cannot see, and then five cards are dealt face up that you are able to see. These five cards are not, however, dealt at the same time. Rather, you get them in three phases/stages.
The first three of the community cards are called ‘the flop.' Before the flop is dealt, players make their bets. They are presented with the option to check, call, raise or fold depending on what the particular player wants to do or risk in the hand. The winner takes all the bets made.

Basic Strategy of Texas Hold'Em

Texas Hold'em poker is, without a doubt, a game of strategy. Professionals recommend and often encourage an aggressive approach whereby you play fewer hands than others but you bet or raise more often. This strategy is hard to execute as a beginner and takes practice to perfect.
Because of the complex nature of the game, there have been many attempts to come up with formulas or algorithms to help players strategize in a quantified or structured way. Even universities are interested in finding ways of creating a methodology or standard strategy. There are some that have even had some relative success.
Live Texas Hold'em CA

History of Texas Hold'Em

Where did Texas Hold'Em originate?

There isn't a whole lot known about where the game came from or how it came to be, it is obvious and intuitive that it originated in Texas in a small town called Robstown. The earliest known versions happened in the early 1900's.

The game spread like wildfire across Texas as a way to make money, pass time and gamble for those who liked to do so. Eventually, it made its way to the notorious Las Vegas where it earned itself a spot among gamblers'most popular stake games. It is still a popular game to date.

Play Texas Hold'em in Canada

Many land-based and online casinos offer Texas Hold'Em to interested punters. For beginners, there are sites with tutorials and games that help you practice before you can begin placing paid bets. These sites allow players to do as much practice as they feel is adequate without charges.
Most land-based casinos offer the game and some of the best pokers in Canada is in the Niagara region in Ontario which is known for its many casinos. Check out one of their casinos if you are looking to learn about the game or if you are an expert.