What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Have you ever played Baccarat? If so, you already know essentially how to play Live Dragon Tiger. The game is a hybrid between Casino War and Baccarat, drawing betting strategies and structure from Baccarat and elements of actual gameplay and rules from Casino War.
The game is a two-card version of Baccarat whereby one of the cards is the designated ‘Dragon' and one is the ‘Tiger.' The goal is two bet on which out of these two precious creatures returns a higher value. There is an option to bet on a tie as well.
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Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

The game originated in Cambodia and has since gained popularity all over Asia and the world. It is pretty straightforward and loved for its simplicity. It is easy for beginners to learn and complex enough for experts to strategize and improve their winning chances.
The concept and rules are as follows:

-The player's role is to place a bet on the Tiger, the Dragon or a tie.

-The dealer deals two cards, one being the tiger, one being the dragon and if the player is correct in their bet or guess, they are paid out.

Basic Strategy of Dragon Tiger

The ability to strategize in this game, despite its simplicity and easy structure, is quite elaborate. Depending on a player's level of expertise and/ or familiarity with the game, there are simple and complex strategies that can be used to improve chances of winning.
The nature of the game makes it ideal for those who can or want to learn how to count cards. It is important to be cautious with this method and use it wisely as it is not legal to do so in every jurisdiction in the world. Always be aware of legal requirements your area.
Live Casino Dragon Tiger CA

History of Dragon Tiger

The game itself originated in Cambodia and spread across Asia. It has since gained its place in casinos and in popularity in countries all over the world. The game has been modified as well so different versions exist in different playing areas. The basic elements are universal though.
Dragon Tiger has also taken its place in the digital revolution. Today, it is available on online platforms. Online versions still offer players an authentic experience with the option to play live and actually win significant jackpots and prizes. With good animation, the on-screen version can appear as real as the physical version.

Play Dragon Tiger in Canada

If you are looking to play Dragon Tiger but are not sure where to go, some of the best places to find the game in Canada include:

– Casinos in the Niagara region of Ontario- this area is known for its casinos and wide array of gambling facilities.

– Play online. There are many Canadian based online casinos, or those available to Canadians that offer players the option and to play Dragon Tiger or not some variation of it. For a list of these casinos, check a local directory or your favourite online casino. A Google search can also be helpful.