Annie Duke: Legend or a Cheater?

The poker world, and the casino world, in general, is something that you can’t predict.

Because there are both good and bad in the story, it can truly surprise you.

The poker world especially is a place where there are all kinds of characters.

Each player and each legend is unique on its own.

Of course, that uniqueness can be both good and bad.

There are many legendary wins, fair and square victories and championships.

But, of course, yin and yang are needed in order for the world to keep turning.

If the good thing exists, then the bad things need to be present as well.

That’s the only way this world can keep its balance.

So, who are the legends, but in a bad way?

Let’s find out the number one most despised person in the whole poker history!

annie duke

The answer to your question and wondering is Annie Duke.

I’m sure you have heard of her since this isn’t the first time I have spoke about her.

Everyone knows her because in the previous decade she made a real boom in the poker world.

And in the gambling as well.

She is among the poker elite, I don’t deny it.

But Annie Duke is the person everyone is afraid of and everyone admires at the same time.

She cheats and she lies, she is rude.

But, she does that in a legendary way.

There is not a single soul that doesn’t know her.

You can either love her or hate her.

But, you can’t deny that she is the biggest celebrity in the poker world.

Even Daniel Negreanu has mentioned her a couple of times.

Even though he doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say to her, both of them definitely know each other.

And let's face it, Negreanu is the star of modern poker.

He even teaches online classes about poker. 

Annie Duke hangs around with the poker A class.

Even though she usually hangs out with the cheaters and the other people that everyone despises.

She just doesn’t mind it.

She lives her life and doesn’t care about what people think about her. 

When it comes to her games, she can be quite rude.

She yells, curses and peeks at the other players’ cards.

annie duke

Now, that’s cheating, isn’t it? But Annie simply doesn’t care.

And maybe that’s what makes her a legendary figure in the poker world. 


Everyone keeps hating on her and saying that she deserves to be in the Poker Hall of Shame.

But Annie Duke hustles and minds her own business.

When she cheats, she wins the biggest money ever and after all, that’s what’s important to her.

All she cares about are the money, and if you hate her, well she won’t care.

Legend or a cheater?

You decide!



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