How to Play Baccarat Dragon Bonus by Ezugi

Streamed live from Ezugi's Latin American studio, the Baccarat Dragon Bonus is a very popular variant of the Baccarat game. It is also Ezugi's most popular baccarat product. It features a combination of high payout side bets and conventional betting arrangements. In addition to the main player, tie options, and the banker, Ezugi's Baccarat Dragon bonus players can also wager on the Dragon bonus bet, which usually comes with its own payout table.

Players can access the game via smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. It features advanced video options, detailed road maps, a full-view mode, bet history, a live chat box, and several others. It is streamed through fast networks at video qualities that are suitable for use across several types of devices. All the game's features can be accessed on the game screen at any time during gameplay.

The side bets available in the game can significantly increase a player's winning, unlike other side bets out there. This is usually possible because of the high odds it offers. The odds available are as high as 30:1. Such an odd is usually quite appealing to prospective players.

How to play The Baccarat Dragon Bonus

Playing Baccarat Dragon Bonus isn't particularly hard. With a good internet connection and a smartphone or computer, you can hook up with Ezugi's game streams in just a few minutes. Just ensure that your device has a flash player. The Baccarat Dragon Bonus uses live dealers, which makes it very appealing to its user base. Ezugi's live casino dealers are always professional in conduct.

The best of them are usually reserved for their Baccarat Dragon Bonus games. All dealers do their job flawlessly, that players are always inclined to tip them. Ezugi's live gaming software even has a dealer tipping feature, which makes tipping quite easy for the players. The game is properly licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming and Licensing Authority. The game is also verified by BMM, ItechLabs, RSG-Eclipse, and SCG-Bulgaria.

Features of Ezugi's Baccarat Dragon Bonus

In Baccarat Dragon Bonus, players get the chance to bet on a range of different side bets or the main game. Players can place the main bet in Baccarat Dragon Bonus the same way they do in other Baccarat games. Baccarat Dragon Bonus participants can back the player at an odd of 1:1 or back the banker at an odd of 0.95:1. The odds of the game ending in a tie are 8:1. However, the attraction to Ezugi's Baccarat Dragon Bonus isn't the main game. The biggest attraction is usually the available side bets. Among the side bets on offer, the Non-Natural Win by 9 points stands out.

This side bet offers as high as 30:1in potential returns. 10:1 in potential returns is offered for the Non-natural win by 8 points side bets. An odd of 4:1 is offered for margins of 6 to 7. The non-natural win by 4 to 5 points offers the lowest returns at 2:1.



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