Have You Ever Heard of the Game Patience?

The casino world is a really diverse and fun place to be in.

It makes you filled with adrenaline, it makes you happy and it can really make you rich.

Over a night.

Can you believe that?

There are many games to choose from, and that’s a plus feature that can really make you love the casino world even more.

There are the classic casino games that everyone knows like poker, roulette, slots, etc, but there are also many hidden gems that you haven’t heard from before.

But that doesn’t mean that they re bad. Well, some of those gems are the game called patience.

Let’s find out something more bout it.

Maybe you have heard of this game, but it was called differently.

Patience or commonly known as solitaire is a card game that is very popular all around the gambling community.

It’s usually played with one deck of cards or, 52 cards in total. 28 cards are placed in 7 rows, and the first row consists of one card alone, the second row has 2 cards and so on.


The rest of the cards that are left are placed in a pile which you will need for later.

To draw cards from, of course. 

Then the aces are placed on the table and you have the chance to place the cards from the biggest (King) to the lowest (2).

You should always play the cards that are on the table.


Well, because the cards that you want to move needs to be partially visible.

It should really help your chance and the possibility of you winning.

You wonder how will it help?

Well, you will have a sense of each card and the current place is in. 

The card pile is supposed to help you how?

Well, to help you fulfill the row before anyone else does.

It’s pretty obvious. but, these cards are only playable if they are placed in a row or in Ace’s row.

But, if you have no chance for any of this, then you should simply place it next to the deck and try again the next time. 


The important thing in this game is the card symbols.

They are pretty much the key to the win of this game.

That’s why its really hard to win the game.

All you need to do is to have luck.

Because the cards are shuffled, no one actually knows what are you gonna get next.

So you can noyl hope for the best.

There is not a lot of practice and tactics in this game.

Games like these are the reason why there is still joy in the casino world.

Solitaire/patience is a really worth-it game that can lighten up your mood and make you feel alive again. 



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