Ezugi Bet on Teen Patti Review

Bet on Teen Patti live casino game by Ezugi may be just a few months old, but it already has immense popularity behind it. The game was a hit among live casino players immediately after it was launched. Though Teen Patti lovers are still limited in terms of available options, the game still has a lot to offer. Why are we talking about Bet on Teen Patti?

It is because the game is different from the Teen Patti variant. The name could easily make it look the same to new players. Instead of a player's hand being pitted against the dealer, two players usually face off while others bet on the possible outcome. It is an interesting game that focuses more on the multiplayer aspect of live bitcoin casino games, thereby providing players with a unique and enjoyable experience.

Amazing Design

When it comes to developing high-quality and exciting games, Ezugi stands out tall. Unfortunately, they don't have a good track record in providing a lovely studio design. To be fair, their sets look fine, and their dealers are quite helpful and good at their job. Nonetheless, their direct competitors invest much more to make their studio look amazing. Their penchant for using only one camera further compounds their appearance issues. However, apart from aesthetics, the single-camera does the job as required.

However, the Ezugi Bet on Teen Patti is a huge upgrade on previous Ezugi gaming software products. The game features an excellent and intuitive user interface, making it easy for even beginners to get acquainted with the game controls effortlessly. The video stream is usually of high quality and is usually free of glitches during gameplay.

How to Play the Ezugi Bet on Teen Patti

To have the best experience with the Ezugi Bet on Teen Patti, you'll need to first get acquainted with the rules of the Teen Patti. The idea is quite simple. The dealer will give out three cards each to two players. These cards combine to make a classic poker hand, and the better side wins the game. Considering its rules, the game is basically a player-versus-player three-card poker.

In Teen Patti, the player plays against a dealer (including folding, ante bets, and more decision-making). However, in the Bet on Teen Patti variant, things are even simpler. This is because you only have to choose which player to bet on, and that's it. You'll usually have two options with each hand, either an A or B. You also have the choice of choosing not to bet. It is usually fast-paced, so you'll only have about ten seconds to place your bets. Only one deck of cards is usually in play. The cards are shuffled after each hand.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to be done in terms of strategy in Bet on Teen Patti. During gameplay, which player ends up getting the better hand is just like a 50/50 flip of a coin. However, the two side bets available in the game can help spice things up.



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