Exciting New Live Blackjack Opportunities with Pragmatic Play

Recently, Pragmatic Play has announced that they are expanding their live casino options. In particular, there are going to be two new Live Blackjack tables with some pretty interesting features. Here's a little bit of information on how Pragmatic Play is expanding and how this can make your Blackjack play a lot more fun!

Live Casinos

For players who have never tried Live Casino games like blackjack before, then there's a real treat in store. It's a lot like the experience of actually being in the casino yourself, except you can play from anywhere. You will watch a video feed of a dealer depressed in the normal dealer clothes and doing the normal dealer things like shuffling cards and of course, dealing. However, you can do this from anywhere instead of having to travel specifically to the casino at a brick and mortar location.

The problem is that live casino versions of Blackjack are sometimes slowed down, not by the people running the casinos themselves, but by the other players and just the logistics of playing online. However, Pragmatic Play has some solutions for that.

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Auto-Stand and New Fast Gameplay


One of the features that the new Live Blackjack tables will include the ability to activate the Auto-Stand feature. This feature works by creating an automated effect that checks for a minimum card point threshold in your play. Once you reach that threshold, the system will automatically have you stand so that you don't have to do anything else and potentially slow down the game. This will just make everything easier and more fun for everyone, making sure the game will move along at a nice clip.


There's nothing more annoying than standing around forever waiting for other people to make their bets on Blackjack.

Deal Now for Speed and Fun


In the Internet version of Live Blackjack, the way they often do it is having a certain amount of time for everyone to place their bet at the table. The issue with this is that many people will make their bet in seconds, and then the whole table has to wait around while the timer clicks down. This is particularly a problem in situations where there's a lot of time on the clock, to begin with. Instead, there's a new option from Pragmatic which makes it so that you can hit the “Deal Now” button. That way, if everyone at the table also hits that button, then the deal will tart and there's no waiting around. With options like this and more, the game speed in Live Blackjack at Pragmatic has picked up by 25%!

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Blackjack is generally a fairly fast-paced game, so when it slows down it can be irritating. With these improvements, the game will be back to the kind of speed that everyone wants. Some of these improvements include having the ability to make hand options even when it's not your turn. That way, when your turn comes, you're not wasting a lot of time trying to tinker with your hand to get it the way that you want. Instead, you'll just go straight to the part where you bet what you want to bet and the game progresses normally.


More speed often means more fun!


Overall, it's a lot more fun to play a game that zips along rather than one that gets all bogged down by Internet logistics. That's why the new Pragmatic Play games are shaping up to be a lot of fun.