Evolution Gaming Silent Blackjack Live Review

Everything is all well and good till a talkative dealer ruins your concentration and probably even disrupts your card counting. If you ever in need of that silent, serene atmosphere where you can focus on your games and think up nice strategies unperturbed, push all those regular blackjack tables aside, and head to the Silent Blackjack table in LeoVegas Casino from Evolution Gaming.

However, the game's structure remains unchanged. Instead of the usual dealer pleasantries and greetings, the dealer welcomes newcomers with complete silence and doesn't engage in unnecessary conversations. Nevertheless, the dealer still comments, but they are all related to the dealt cards and the game, which makes the table solely for the game alone.

Playing Silent Blackjack Online

The Silent Blackjack online is just a slight variant of the regular blackjack with regards to the silence. All rules that apply to the regular Blackjack tables also apply to this version. And a session starts when a player places a bet. If you like to push your adrenaline a little higher, you can place two side bets, and opt for Perfect pairs and 21+3.  The dealer deals the card in a clockwise manner, and peradventure ace is their hole card; players can place the insurance bet, which pays twice the wager.

Before the revealing of the cards, players can amp their bets, play two different hands, split cards, or ask for extra cards using the Double Down option. This Pre-Decision feature enables players to choose their next step early into the game, and if you wish to save your fav bets, also with this feature the number of wagers in a session can be amped.

Though Silent blackjack is all about evading unnecessary chatter, there is a live chat feature that enables players to seek consultation about the game. If needed, ask for the dealer's assistance regarding the game. 

Main Benefits of Silent Blackjack

  • Silent blackjack tables are made specifically for game-oriented, focused players.
  • Save favorite bets, and Pre-Decision features help for a faster game.
  • Multi-table  table play option and Amped Video and Audio quality
  • Game statistics and account history of past sessions are kept are recorded
  • When all of the table sets are occupied, players can still place their bets using the bet behind option.

Wrap Up

Silent Blackjack is beyond perfect for those who prefer their game table chatters limited to the game and nothing else. This version, which Leovegas Casino and evolution gaming have put together, satisfies players' demands especially those who fancy strategy and prefer a serene game atmosphere. A silent table is simply a place where players play blackjack—nothing more, nothing less.



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