Caribbean Stud Poker: A Cheat Guide To Winning

So, he wants to have a little bit more excitement and flare in his life, she wants to make a little bit more money on the side, and they want to win, look no further because Caribbean Stud Poker is here to fix that. But before they go running off playing for days and then realizing they lost everything, let’s look at ten tips to be successful at Caribbean Stud Poker so you don’t lose everything.


Tip #1 is to never bluff. Look when playing online people don’t need to bluff because no one can see them. The dealer is never going to fold so why would they bluff a bad hand if it doesn’t matter. This is a great way to lose everything very quickly.

Tip #2 is to always raise the hand when having a pair or better. Since playing online is all about the math and probability of winning, having at least a pair or better means most of the time that hand is better than the dealers. So, risk the biscuit when having a pair or better.

Tip #3 is not to bet too often on an ace-high. It looks good when having an ace-high, but it doesn’t mean winning is in the cards. Folding is a better option here unless an ace-king comes up.

Tip #4 is to always check the progressive jackpot bet. The odds of you getting a royal flush are slim to none, but it is possible so make sure to throw a buck or two in there every now and again.

Tip #5 don’t get too up or too down. The dealers are going to have hot hands and the dealers will go through cold streaks. Be smart not emotional about it.

Tip #6 going back to that ace-king dilemma that came up earlier, be selective on your raises when that hand comes up. When an ace-king shows almost everyone in the hand is probably going to raise. So be careful on when to raise and when not too.

Tip #7 is to choose the right casino. Some casinos offer different payouts. Make sure to do some homework and find the right online casino.

Tip #8 make sure to keep the human errors at a minimum. Be very thorough with every hand that is dealt with. Check your hand multiple times and know exactly what is there. Human error is not refundable while playing online Caribbean stud poker.

Tip #9 don’t believe in superstitions. The computer does not consider people’s beliefs and superstitions. Leave that for the baseball games.

Tip #10 when the money starts rolling in, be smart with the money.

So, in the end, to have the most success while playing Caribbean stud poker always be smart. Play to the math and probability, it is ok to have a few bad hands, and don’t try to out trick the computer. The computer has no emotions or feelings. Play to the cards that are dealt with. And always have fun!