About Evolution Gaming´s Dual Play

Evolution Gaming Dual Play Convergence Has Been a Real Game Changer and Revolutionary Industry Leader

The expert team members behind Evolution Gaming have managed to leverage technology, so they can bring their thrilling land-based casino games right into the homes of avid punters. By using these modern technologies, gamers looking for a thrill of a lifetime can test their luck without ever having to leave their homes.

On the flip side, land-based players in an actual gaming hall can choose to engage with these punters playing remotely. Evolution Gaming makes it possible for this Dual Play convergence to materialize. Now, it is possible to match their extensive gaming knowledge with the current modern lifestyle by offering a broad range of tailor-fit solutions that have been customized to meet their many clients' demands.

Evolution - Dual Play

What is the Significance of Evolution Dual Play Gaming

Those players who are far from a land-based casino can now engage in Live Casino games online. Those itching to play baccarat or roulette can try to test the waters in many online casinos that carry the Evolution Gaming bespoke Dual Play installations. This platform makes it doable for online gaming fans to experience the same thrill that land-based players are exposed to. Furthermore, the Evolution Gaming installation can allow an unlimited number of online players to engage with their offerings.

Those who need high quality and flexibility need to use the Evolution Dual Play solution. Right now, they are currently able to provide this service to many different clients in the entire world. Evolution Gaming's outstanding reputation in the business makes them the top choice for many land-based casinos. Evolution Gaming is a top brand choice because its founders are known for addressing clients' needs. This also includes various casino environments and different types of players.

The team of experts in the field that support Evolution Gaming paves the way for their clients to access different solutions. Based on their desire, they can choose their rig, indicate the number of cameras, pinpoint the camera angles to utilize, and offer options regarding shot sequencing. Take a look at the next Evolution Dual Play games below:

  • Dual Play Roulette

This great Live Casino platform permits its clients to bring the exciting Roulette table to their gaming floor. This product is so great that it was noticed by the British Gaming awards and was given the plum called “Voted Best UK Table Gaming Product”. Through the Evolution Gaming Dual Play roulette, land-based and online casino gamers come together on the same platform. Through this, they all become recipients of terrific gaming experiences.

To illustrate, current clients can choose to play online when they feel like trying their luck, but they cannot make their way to the gaming floor. Similarly, new players at a specific venue may feel super stoked about their new experience. Because of this, they may feel an urge to check out the online casino version.

  • Dual Play Baccarat

Evolution Dual Play Baccarat is another important baby of Evolution Gaming. This gives land-based casinos the power to offer a seamless interface that brings online players with their land-based counterparts on one table. Because of this offering, land-based casinos now have a dual-play solution, which can be tapped for all Baccarat tables.

Those onsite can enjoy the games in front of an actual dealer, while the gamers on their mobile gadgets can log onto the site no matter where they are. These two varied players come together in this Dual Play Arena.

What Clients Get From Evolution Dual Play

Evolution Gaming offers a bespoke package through Dual Play. This is a complete system solution for their clients. Since the people behind Evolution Gaming have extensive experience, they make the ideal industry partner. They have mastered the live land base and the remote live studio concept. Evolution Gaming provides end-to-end help, creates solutions, implements projects, trains employees, and monitors operations. Numerous casinos have integrated Evolution Dual Play, and they're still helping new ones.

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