5 Useful Tips to Play Live Dragon Tiger

Ever since the trend of online casinos has emerged, the target audience for casino games, in general, has significantly increased. Digitalization came into play to impact all segments of life in a positive manner and make them effective by targeting productivity and outcome.

The iGaming industry decided to get on board with the idea as well and we have observed a massive revolution in it since then; especially for casino games. This digital avenue has introduced numerous games within the sphere as well.

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The Importance of Dragon Tiger

There are certain games that were a player favourite ever since the live casino culture began but online ventures made them all the more interesting.

One such game is live dragon tiger. The game originated in Cambodia and became an instant favourite of the players. The demand for this game has led it to be available on numerous online casinos. The major reason why this game is widely popular is because of its simple and prompt nature.

Most games are tricky and complex enough to understand and might not be able to retain a lot of players. While they might be addictive, their timely and confusing attribute acts as a deterrent to gaining a sufficient playing audience.

Dragon Tiger, on the other hand, is largely popular among streak bettors – these players follow each winning hand and place the new bets in accordance with this.

While the game is pretty easy, there are still certain ways that can surely help in increasing one’s chances to ace this game. Here are a set of tips that players can follow for future playoffs:

1. Make Sure to Always Bet on the Tiger or Dragon

Most players opt to play this game without having hold of any strategy or cards; their best option is to opt for betting on either the tiger or the dragon.

The house edge on these bets surfaces at 3.73% and is perhaps the lowest among the lot. Since both bets pay an equal amount of money, make sure to incorporate either the tiger hand or the dragon hand to ensure a higher amount of money.

2. Opt for a Suit-Based Strategy

There is no denying the fact that in dragon tiger, luck indeed plays a huge role – perhaps more than any other game but it doesn’t mean any strategy cannot be opted for in order to win. The best strategy to win is to keep an eye for the suits that have been dealt the most number of times.

Simultaneously, keep in check the number of decks being used. Your best bet, in this case, will be the card that has been played the least – opt for that.

3. Keep an Eye on the Cards

Keeping a close eye on the number of cards will not be a difficult task considering the number of cards dealt in this game is significantly less. Make sure the big and small cards dealt are remembered as well as the 7’s because if this unfortunate number is drawn, the bet is lost.

4. Remember that Betting Systems Don’t Work in Dragon Tiger

This might sound like a warning, and maybe it is, but instil this in your heart that betting systems do not work for this particular game.

No one has ever reported making big sums of money out of this casino game by resorting to the betting system. If anything, it is advisable to steer clear of that option.

5. The Worst Thing to Do is Engage in a Tie-Bet

Consider the thing as a warning too. The rationale behind tie-bet is to make you big bucks; it pays 8 to 1. With a house edge of 32.77% and 86,320 combinations, a likelihood of loss is associated with 79,872 outcomes.



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