Ezugi Bet on Numbers Review

You can’t talk about live-dealer games without making mention of casino staples such as roulette and blackjack. These are usually a gambler’s favourite spot in every house. However, spinning fortune wheels and flipping cards is not the only way to turn your luck around.

Ezugi is offering yet another great live-dealer title, Bet on Numbers which you can include in your personal collection of favourites. The idea of online lottery is the inspiration behind this game. Ezugi is designed to increase your chance of hitting big when you pick a lucky number. This review contains all you need to know about Bet on Numbers.

Ezugi Bet on Numbers Graphics and Sounds

When it comes to the quality of any live-dealer game, video and sound play a huge role. Players must be able to view as many events as possible on the side of the live dealer. Failure to achieve can cause a huge loss of focus for a player. The good thing, however, is that Ezugi is a master of setting up a fantastic live video stream. Set on a “round-the-clock” schedule broadcast, anyone can have complete access to this game any time and day of the week. Thanks to the high-definition quality of Bet on Numbers, it is very easy to view the numbers picked by the machine. This makes it much easier to ensure very clear results from every draw.


Off to the business of the day, Bet on Numbers can be likened to a lotto game. In this casino game, your moves are solely dependent on the outcome of having a draw. This game makes use of 49 white and red balls, all with number one to 49, on the result of a draw. For you to play this game, you have to first make a bet. You have 3 betting categories to pick from: Bets on Numbers, followed by Bets on Sums, and there is Bets on Colors. Each of these categories is also sub-divided into other particular bets.

Bets on Numbers

This is a betting category that has nothing to do with the game title. You will be required to wager on one of the outcomes listed below:

  • The chosen number won’t appear
  • The chosen number will appear
  • Two of the numbers chosen will appear
  • Three of the numbers chosen will appear
  • Four of the numbers chosen will appear

For each option listed, you will be awarded various multipliers. Where four out of your selected number comes out in the draw, expect x2000 of your initial bet in payouts. Interestingly, this is the biggest payout in this category.


Bets on Colors

This category talks about the color for each of the balls drawn, which is used for the draw. A wager can be made on any one of the options mentioned below:

  • All whites
  • All reds
  • First drawn ball is a red
  • The two first drawn balls are red
  • First three drawn balls are the same in colour.

You can get the biggest payout in this colour category which is x60 of your initial bet. You stand an opportunity to win if the three first balls drawn are the same in colour.

Bets on Sums

Bet on Sums is predicated on whether the total value of all balls drawn will or will not exceed a number. You get to wager on any one of the options mentioned below:

  • The sum of balls drawn is above 65
  • Sum of balls drawn is above 170
  • The sum of balls drawn is above 155
  • Sum of balls drawn is below 135
  • The sum of balls drawn is below 120

Just like with the other betting categories, payouts for Bets on Sum come in multipliers of two and four. As soon as your bets are placed, a live draw begins. The dealer selects 6 balls and each winner is awarded commensurately afterward.



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