Dawn of The Dinosaurs Casino Slot: How to Play

Dawn of the Dinosaurs is one engaging casino slot title. Many top-rated casino providers offer to their ever-ready adventure-loving fans on various online casinos.

The gameplay is fascinating with scary creatures that walk the world and back, looking for prey to devour. It features twenty-five paylines and five reels. There are also some mouth-watering bonuses with an opportunity to select your prizes of multipliers and free spins.

You'll have to contend with Velociraptor, a very aggressive predator, during the Raptor Clash bonus to help you earn some real money.

A test of the reels of this game shows that it functions satisfactorily, the bonus features and its speed of operations also desirable so that you’ll always come back for more.  

Mobile Gameplay

One of the characteristics of a top-rated game maker is that they always endeavor to create a mobile casino module for their games. Hence, if you are using a mobile device or a tablet, you are sure to play their games. This is precisely what the makers of Dawn of Dinosaurs did.

This is notwithstanding the operating system you are using; hence, Android and iOS users can play this casino game. If the stress of sourcing for the mobile app is too much for you, you can play the game through your web browser.

Free Spins

  • The lava rock symbol represents the scatter in this game.
  • By itself, the scatter (Lava rock symbol) cannot pay anything.
  • The scatter symbols will only show on the third reel and claimed in the volcano.
  • You’ll need four scatter symbols to prompt the free spins.

Gamers have the choice of choosing one of two options with the activation of free spins:

  • Six free spins with two times multiplier for every win.
  • Twelve free spins are bearing no multiplier.
  • It is a gross impossibility to earn extra free spins all through the free spins.
  • Scatter symbols are saved between cross-platform and game sessions (mobile and pc) if the initial wager is retained.
  • Any alteration of the staked amount in the game will lead to the loss of the accumulation of scatter symbols.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs RTP (Return to Player): What is it?

Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a quick-styled casino game that has a fantastic RTP rate of 95%. This rate is an excellent indicator of the game's frequency of payout and is well above the average RTP. If you merge all the features of this game and these facts, you'll quickly discover that it is worth your patience and time.

Slot Volatility

RTP is not the only thing that makes a slot. This game has a low-level variance. This shows what the volatility of the game entails, further making payouts consistent.

Take back the hands of time and blend between antiquities and dinosaurs. You can even unearth some clash Raptors and good jackpots.

Even though most people playing this game for the first time have their reservations about the fruit machine, you'll quickly appreciate the intentionality with which the game was built.



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