Blackjack Strategies That Don’t Work

You may not influence the card you get in blackjack, but you can decide to hit or stand. So, it is a game that the outcome depends on skills as well as luck.

Being a game of skills, there are many strategies to improve your winning chances in online casinos. But there are also many ways not to play. Here we will be looking at three common Blackjack Strategies that don't work.

Standing on Soft 17

Yes, 17 is high, and if you hit soft 17, it could be better or worse, but still hit. There are many reasons for hitting soft 17. The first reason is that you are sure you cannot burst if you hit with soft 17.

Another reason is that if the dealer hits a soft 17, then the house edge will increase. Therefore, the same principle will apply to you. If you hit a soft 17, you will increase your winning chances.

Unfortunately, many blackjack players make this mistake. Don’t join them. The golden rule is to never stand on soft 17.

Blackjack Strategies that don't work: Standing on 11

11 is another hand you must not stand on. Except the dealer has an ace, then you must always double down on 11.

What you do if you have 11 depends a lot on the house rule. In some live casinos, the dealer must always stand on soft 17. In some, the dealer must hit.

As a player, you have more advantages if the rule says the dealer must stand on soft 17. That is the reason players are always advised to choose bitcoin casinos where dealers stand on soft 17.

But whether the dealer is standing or hitting on soft 17, you mustn’t stand on 11. If the rule says dealer must stand on a soft 17, then you hit on 11. If the dealer must hit on a soft 17, then you should double down on 11.

If you double down on 11, you can get 10 and win a blackjack. Double down.

Standing on a Soft 18 When the Deal Has 9 of 10

This is another common Blackjack strategy that does not work. With 18, you are very close to 21, and your chances of picking an improved hand are slim. However, if the dealer shows a 0 or a 10, you stand a better chance to win if you hit than if you stand.

Mathematically, if the dealer shows a 9, then the probability that he is hiding a 10 or an ace is 38%. The same thing applies to a dealer showing a 10. He has a chance of 38% of keeping an ace or a nine.

Therefore, you have a better chance of winning the game if you hit on a soft 18 when the dealer has a 9 or a 10 than if you stand on it. Don’t stand, hit.



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