Blackjack Insurance: All You Need to Know


Insurance refers to a form of side bet that becomes profitable as the dealer presents a blackjack. However, you need to act promptly, or you will lose the best. Timing is a persisting theme in online Blackjack because it runs on timing, the time to hit and the time to hold. Therefore, there is nothing uncommon concerning insurance. However, when it is played appropriately, the bet will offer a good consolation prize, provided your main bet is toast most times that the dealer presents a blackjack.

You might be asking: How big is the prize? You can get a payment of 2 to 1 with Insurance in Blackjack. This prize is a fair amount that will include your major bet for losing to a natural 21 and also get something more. Before we conclude whether the side bet is profitable or not, we need to know the chances of winning, and that is the following paragraph's main focus.

How Blackjack Insurance Functions

The dealer's top card, which is an ace, allows you to make an insurance bet. Then, the dealer can confirm whether his card is up to a Blackjack. This confirmation is referred to as ‘a peek', it helps the player to avoid more loss. When you engage in the bet, you will be happy to see if the dealer opens a 21. You will likely not win the major bet; however, you will win the Insurance bet, and that is the main focus of securing insurance.

There are six possible results when you take a blackjack insurance bet. This table shows the outcomes. To further expound each scenario's result, we also showed the net losses and gains using a $50 insurance wager and $100 initial stake.

Live Sample

Both the dealer and the player have no blackjack; the dealer went to win the handYou will lose both initial stake and insurance bet – Total loss of $150  
Both the dealer and the player have no blackjack, and you go ahead to win the hand.  You win the initial stake but lose the insurance bet. Total gain – $50.  
Both the dealer and player have no blackjack, and the hand is a push.  You will get returns of the initial bet, but the insurance bet is lost – Total loss of $50  
Dealer and player both have Blackjack.    You get a return on initial stake, and you win insurance bet – Total gain $100
The player has Blackjack, while the dealer does not.  Blackjack offers 3:2, and you win $150 and lose insurance bet – Total gain $100  
The dealer has Blackjack, while player does not.You win the insurance bet and lose the initial bet – No loss or gain.

In our explanation of insurance, we explained that it is an option that gives you twice the amount you betted. The debate of whether it is worth it is summarized in the conclusion.

Does Insurance Pay off?

You can see that you need to be right at all times or more for this to work for you. However, the question remains: what are the chances of guessing correctly? The probabilities of the dealer winning Blackjack are 9:4 (2.25:1). With this probability, it shows that you might be in a dangerous position if you take the bet on casino terms. For this reason, no casino expert will tell you that taking an insurance bet is a smart idea.

You need to know the number of high cards that are left so that you can discern whether it is worth betting or not. It is the best method on how to win the Blackjack. This strategy is also referred to as card counting. It would be best if you considered many factors to benefit from the insurance side bet, and it is not for all.



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